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Bathroom Renovations Wavell Heights

Nestled amidst lush greenery, this suburb is known for its tree-lined streets and a welcoming community spirit. It’s no surprise that many homeowners in Wavell Heights are opting for bathroom renovations to fully embrace the charm of this area.

A bathroom renovation here isn’t just about a makeover; it’s about enhancing your lifestyle. With Arci Constructions, we understand the unique appeal of Wavell Heights and can tailor your bathroom renovation accordingly, whether you live in a classic home or a modern residence.

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Wavell Heights Bathroom Renovations
Albany Creek Bathroom Renovation
Luxury Bathroom
Wavell Heights Bathroom Renovations

Luxury Bathroom Remodelling in Brisbane

At Arci Constructions, we specialise in luxury bathroom remodeling that takes into account the unique charm of Wavell Heights. We’ve had the privilege of working with residents in this area and have a deep appreciation for the architecture and style that makes this suburb stand out. Our team is equipped to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space that harmonizes with the natural beauty and community spirit of Wavell Heights.

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Benefits of Brisbane Bathroom Renovations

The Basics

Are you bothered by annoying tile cracks, a persistently running toilet, or that frustratingly leaky faucet in your Brisbane home? Renovations can fix these issues and more.

Upgrading with Luxury

If your Brisbane home is older, your fixtures, lighting, and designs might be outdated. With bathroom renovations, you can introduce contemporary and luxurious features, regardless of your budget.

More Space

Feeling cramped in your bathroom? Our expert team can transform even the cosiest spaces, creating roominess with better storage, layout, and new fixtures.

Boosting Property Value

Bathroom remodeling offers a strong return on investment. The increased home value may even exceed the renovation cost when it’s time to sell.

Attracting Potential Buyers

Updated bathrooms are a big draw for potential Brisbane homebuyers. If selling is on your radar, investing in a well-executed bathroom renovation can be a compelling selling point.

Luxury Bathrooms

We can bring luxury to your Brisbane bathroom. Your renovation might turn your bathroom into your favorite room in the house.

Design Ideas for Wavell Heights Bathrooms

Incorporate elements like earthy tones, stone textures, and large windows to let in the abundant natural light. Coastal themes are also popular, reflecting the proximity of the bay and creating a sense of tranquility. Additionally, vintage chic designs can pay homage to the suburb’s historical character.

When you work with Arci Constructions, we’ll help you explore these design ideas and tailor them to your unique preferences and the character of Wavell Heights. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, timeless, or eclectic design, we can turn your vision into a reality that fits seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home and the suburb.

The Process: Your Bathroom Renovation Journey

When you choose Arci Constructions for your bathroom renovation in Brisbane, you embark on a carefully planned journey. Our process is designed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for you.

From the initial consultation, where we understand your needs and preferences, to the design phase, construction, and final touches, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our goal is to make your Brisbane bathroom renovation a hassle-free and rewarding journey. We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional workmanship in this thriving city.

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The Arci Construction Process

Demolition and Planning

Old fittings, fixtures, tiles, and more are removed to prepare for the new design. Electrical and plumbing systems are noted, and the layout is strategised.

Moving Fixtures

If necessary, fixtures like showers, vanities, baths, or toilets are relocated by cutting through the concrete slab to accommodate new plumbing.

Adding Electrical Wiring

High-quality wiring is added for new lighting and switches as per the design requirements.

Adjusting Plumbing

Old plumbing is removed and fittings are changed to suit the new location of waste and water connections.


Quality walls, seats, ledges, door frames, or window frames are added according to the design.


Proper ceiling and wall insulation is installed to ensure warmth during winter


High-quality, water-resistant materials are used to protect the bathroom against moisture, ensuring a watertight environment.


Expert tiling is applied to floors and walls, allowing for a sleek and modern appearance.

Installing Shower Screens and Mirrors

Precisely measured and installed shower screens and mirrors complete the bathroom.


The final step, painting adds the finishing touch to your renovated bathroom, keeping it fresh and undamaged.

Liam Finlay
Liam Finlay
24 September 2023
We used Arci Construction for our townhouse renovation and couldn't be happier with the quality of work. They were incredibly professional and excellent to work with. Their attention to detail was second to none and we are incredibly happy with the final result. We will definitely be using them again for any future property renovations.
Juan Fourie
Juan Fourie
21 September 2023
Ash and the team were professional and reliable throughout our renovation. The attention to detail ensured that our bathroom and kitchen renovations blends in seamlessly with the rest of the house and we couldn’t be happier with the job.
Kaitlyn Travis
Kaitlyn Travis
21 September 2023
Great communication is hard to come by with builders, but we couldn’t be happier with how our house renovation went. Renovating a bathroom can be very overwhelming for someone who has no idea what they are doing, very lucky ash was helpful and navigated us with fixtures and the design. I would recommend arci to anyone!